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Artisan Gallery, Fortitude Valley, Queensland 2014


There are some English words which have no equivalent in French, but then there are a great many more French words . . . for which we have no English. One of these is jardinière. Even in French it does not quite rightly express its meaning, because the obvious meaning of jardinière, is female gardener, whereas what we understand by it . . . is a receptacle for holding pot-plants.

— Gertrude Jekyll (1907)

flagging tape, gloss enamel paint, marine plywood, Monstera deliciosa, plaster bandage, Plaster of Paris, plastic bottles, plastic containers, plastic sheet, screws, soil, wire Photograph: Joachim Froese

Photograph: Joachim Froese

Photograph: Joachim Froese

Strangely delicious flagging tape, cotton fabric, polyester fibre

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