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Dust over Eldorado

Exhibited at Woolloongabba Art Gallery

Dust over Eldorado is an exhibition with disparate influences of archetypal pottery forms, ancient Egyptian feline divinity idols, cinerary urns and familial turned wooden objects, reinterpreted as contemporary artefacts. These works are imagined as vessels for the living, the departed, and the spirited beings in-between.

The idiosyncratic crafted objects unite through a focus on play, process, form and surface. This emphasis is evident in the physical impressions left by the hand-building clay technique: the shallow dimples, deep clenches and repetitive textural surface treatments.

The addition of macramé and crocheted embellishments reflect a nostalgic approach to colour and material. These uniquely decorated objects and earthy vessels pull on a tense and yet sometimes humorous thread - a fibre of narrative which both connects and separates art and craft of contemporary and ancient cultures.

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